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Oil sands processing in Northern Alberta, results in the production of tailing ponds leave and lasting impact on our landscape and environment.The reduction in size and volume of the tailings ponds and the reclamation of these ponds to their natural environment is a major focus of the oil sands industry. Tailings is a surly mixture comprised of the water, sand, clay and residual oil left over from oil sands processing. It can take many years for the solids in the tailings slurry to separate from the water, therefore the addition of water soluble polymers can be used to accelerate this process.

Water soluble polymers are often referred to as coagulants and flocculants. In some cases, one or both are used in the dewatering process. The role of these polymers is to bridge together small particles into larger ones so that they are more easily separated. Equipment can be used to assist in the separation process such as gravity thickeners or centrifuges. In many cases, flocculated tailings can be separated in settling cells and spread out over a large land area so that water can either evaporate, run off into collection diches or infiltrate into the ground.

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