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ZL was qualified for ISO 9001 standard in 2003, and has been developed its own QA/QC system since 1996 and continuous improvements were made over the past decades.
Our quality assurance system is developed to achieve two primary goals:
1. Products are produced for the intended purposes and make it right at the first time. It covers procurements, quality of raw materials, equipment and facilities, services related to production, production, management (trainings) and inspection processes. 
2. To add on our quality assurance system, quality control and inspection is critical to resolve the defects and make improvements.


We will first align our product specification and testing protocols with our customer and to specify our QC program with the required products.  Our quality control procedures are made to suit our polymer formulation and production technologies. We start with raw materials. All the main raw materials are tested on a daily basis and during production process. We have fourteen inspection stages in total,four of which are for finished products prior to delivery to the customer.
Our quality assurance system is carried out to minimize errors in production which may increase our production costs.Our quality control system is designed to detect errors at the earliest stage possible to minimize the cost of failure and to ensure what our customers receive is 100% qualified products.  
Please contact us for more details on our quality assurance program and quality control process.

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