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Emphasizing "five outstanding" create new miracles

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Group work conference, combined with the implementation of the central new development idea, profound analysis of the challenges and opportunities facing the petroleum and petrochemical industry, the deployment of "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" and in 2016 the focus of the task, request further change ideas, reform and innovation, focus on quality, and the efficiency upgrading, turn to win way restructuring to be completed. Especially put forward the strategy of "big five" and "five tasks", pointed out the direction and path for sinopec's future development.
Group company deployed the first task of this year, is the "full billiton market", and demanding "consolidate traditional business insurance benefits, promote the emerging business added value". Sales of plate as the terminal part of group industrial chain value realization, feel a great responsibility. By the international oil prices keep falling, domestic demand growth is slowing, refined petroleum products to speed up the marketization process, alternative energy scale growth factors, such as product sales still face plate consumption increase, resource of excess, more competitive new normal. Combined with the national tax policy adjustment, environmental management and quality upgrading, development cost is rising year by year, maintenance management and effect, market pressure.
Sales plate to keep competitive advantage, we must firmly establish a "market is the battlefield" consciousness, to revitalize the connotation, extension transformation as the guidance, to quality, and the efficiency as the center, adhere to the "five outstanding" working ideas, strengthening the concept of value creation, innovation business development mode, to create modern comprehensive service, work diligently, stand and bear, in turn means restructuring to stand in the battle. We will hold firmly grasp the real "five outstanding".
Five outstanding ""
Prominent retail strengthening KuoXiao efficiency, improving the capacity of nature and the effect. To face the market situation changes, strengthen the consciousness of competition and responsibility to bear, the integrated use of marketing planning, evaluation guide the interaction of oil, and site management, to expand the scale of retail, determined to maintain market share, realize the management and the effect of "multiplier effect". In order to strengthen the management of gas station classification, build flexible price system, the implementation of oil and a station by the mutually promote marketing strategies, such as diversification, personalized to meet customer needs, improve customer experience. Watch the natural gas business development opportunities, advanced planning network layout, efforts to expand vehicle gas market share.
Outstanding quality terminal network development, enhancing the core competitive advantage. To implement the "network thriving enterprise" strategy, vigorously to grab key position refueling stations, relet ZuLinZhan high quality ahead of schedule, continue to carry out the connotation development, perfect functions and promote information network, to ensure that the terminal network stability is complete, provide a strong material base for management and effect. Improve investment quantitative evaluation system, the classification standards for investment measure, actuarial investment income, keep and project pressure, improve the quality of investment.
Outstanding innovation leads the transformation and upgrading, to promote new business JiZeng. Seize opportunities to accelerate development of emerging business, using the Internet and cross-border integration concept of thinking, innovative business model, build a convenience store, steam, entity service platforms such as fast food, and electricity, mobile APP, micro mall online service platform, such as cultivation of own-brand products, promote the financial, insurance business, enhance the capacity of comprehensive services, create differentiated competitive advantage, change the homogeneity competition with competitors in the same platform.
"Sanki" vigorously promotes the management and efficiency, laying solid foundation operation and development. To implement the "sanki" work demands, strengthen the responsibility, perfect the institutional system; Strengthening environmental protection, quantity, quality, capital asset management, exploring the changing from passive response to active warning management system. Sets up "obey the business, management, service management" concept, strengthen the guidance and service at the grassroots level to highlight the key, implementing joint evaluation of multi-objective guidance, strengthen and develop performance evaluation of overall coordination and leading role.
Highlight the responsibility to deepen the party and the party to build a clean government, the escort for the operation and management. To strictly implement the main responsibility and party construction "a pair of responsibilities", systematic management, deepen the party construction innovation platform, party construction to strengthen the construction of grass-roots party organization standardization, comprehensively enhance the level of party construction. Adhere to the party cadres, the party supervision over personnel, perfect science candidates personnel mechanism, enhance the level of leadership construction and promote the enterprise executive force. Determined to carry out the party's style of the cultivation of clean government responsibility, "two" to strengthen the supervision and enforcement, keep high pressure situation, efforts to create a fresh air wind is enterprise political ecology.

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