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ZL EOR designs, develops and provides chemically enhanced oil recovery (CEOR) technologies that increase the effectiveness of oil field water flooding and improves oil recovery. This includes product selection, reservoir evaluation, project evaluation, production and facilities design, engineering assessment, well placement and construction, plan evaluation, etc.


Customers’ special conditions and our R&D support to improve our existing products for performance.
* High Viscosity
* Recovery efficiency
* Dissolution ability
* Shear resistance
* Temperature resistance 
* Economy
* Long-term stability
* Compatibility of the reservoir
* Salinity resistance
* Thermal stability


Work with customers to make sure the most suitable products had been selected to reach the optimistic result.
* Polymer performance evaluation methods
* Customer training on testing 
* Troubleshooting/Consulting for field injection
* Performance following up/adjustment

Our lab had been rated as Chinese national certified lab for EOR analysis.


Polymer evaluation for EOR

* Molecular weight
* Viscosity
* Hydrolysis degree 
* Filtration
* Dissolution/Etc.



* Inject ability
* Shear condition
* Long term stability 
* Core flooding test
* Polymer behavior in different Salinity/Etc.

Project Evaluation , Reservoir viability, Optimize polymer selection, Pilot Test,  Full field implementation.

“We help our customers with a wide range of services and products. Starting from Preliminary screening, Project Evaluation, Reservoir friability study, Optimize polymer selection, Pilot Test, and Full field implementation.”


Please contact us for more information on services we provide to our customers for EOR and other applications. 

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