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Water Treatment

Our advanced R&D Technical Center includes industry specific lab facilities and equipment Which Provides The Following Services For Our Customers:
Mud sample analysis
Physical and chemical lab analysis can be made on mud samples to determine the specific application requirements.
Products Selection
Provide product screening to determine the best products and model the application through experiments and on-site assessments.
Application guidance
Provide on-site service technicians and engineers from our R&D Center to guide the customer on the proper use of PAM to achieve the best results.
Assist end users to diagnose difficult problems arising in production and provide solutions or recommendations.
Training of technical staff
Train technicians, engineers and operations personnel on product screening and application.
Customized services
Provide expert advice and services according to customers’ special needs.
After-sales services
Analyze customer data, review production status and promptly identify and resolve problems.
Supply assurance
Provide reliable quality assurance and on time delivery.
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